I am an Apostle, Evangelist, Revivalist Ambassador of Love , Fire Starter & Intercessor

Giving My Life To Jesus Christ

Apostle Hellen gave her life to Christ in 24th march 2000 in House of Prayer , as an advise whoever lays hands on you matters, because immediately Apostle Hellen started going deep into prayer at Mizpah Prayer Centre as well as Katoloni prayer centre and God started showing her calling to stand in the gap as intercessor in the Nation of Kenya.

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Journey to USA

After 4 months Apostle Hellen received the fire of the Holy Spirit and the Woman of God she was submitted to revealed that she would have a huge ministry that would have a global impact.

God opened doors to USA in 2005 through a scholarship the world bank offered Her husband Dr. Kimani to Cornell University, an Ivy League University. Apostle Hellen arrived in New York on march of 2005 together with their two children, Daughter Jeivis and Son Jeremy and joined her Husband who had already arrived before .

Apostle Hellen was invited once in the USA by Zimbabwe Pastor Chokuda to speak in an African Fellowship at Cornell University where there were in attendance people with PhDs, masters, as well as professors. Apostle Hellen spoke from 2 Samuel 9 as her first sermon in the USA, this revealed to Apostle that God Qualify’s the Called. God only requires an available empty vessel that He can fill. This sermon was a significant stepping stone because for the five years since getting born again this was the first time she had been given an opportunity to preach in a congregation and all the while She got stunned as all these well-educated congregants were taking notes throughout the sermon

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Ministry & Canopy

Opportunities to minister to couples and marriages came by where healing of marriages would take place overnight as God moved powerfully through the Vessel of God, Apostle Hellen.

Apostle Hellen and the family lived in new York for 1 year then God moved them to Wyoming State for 8 years where Apostle established prayer towers and started from their home in which she converted one room into a prayer tower where every Tuesdays and Thursdays Women would come for prayer and ministration.

In Wyoming the Lord led Apostle Hellen to join New life Assemblies of God church and fellowshipped under Pastor Scott.

Pastors wife called Pastor Debbie had a vision in which she saw Apostle Hellen Worshipping upon which she told her, Apostle informed yes she was a worshipper, but in the place of prayer upon which Pastor Debbie invited Apostle Hellen to minister in a Women’s retreat conference with attendance from different churches.

God moved powerfully and women’s lives got transformed.

Pastor Scott upon receiving testimonies of the move of God during the Women’s retreat gave Apostle Hellen opportunity to minister every once a month for the whole length of time that Apostle Hellen and her family resided in Wyoming, 8 years.

Apostle Hellen’s first missionary trip was to South Africa in October 2011 ministered in Cape town and Johannesberg then in  2012 Apostle brought missionary, a 76 year old Woman to Kenya and ministered in Kaweru located in Gaturi where many souls came to Jesus others healed and delivered.

Apostle kept coming to Kenya twice a year with different missionaries, where God would use her as a bridge bringing different missionaries.



Before Apostle Hellen is a minister, She is a member of a church at the Vineyard Community Church in Pomona, California under Pastor Allan Stretch which she joined in September 2017.



Prophet Kawika Freedom& Joy Impactful Mission To Muranga December 2020

On the above mission magnificent love emanated from the meetings whose effect is felt to date.


Prophet Kawika has mentored and partnered with Apostle Hellen on missions to Kenya since 2013 and has seen many souls saved, bodies healed as lives have been transformed. 

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Mentor & Spiritual Father

In 2015 Apostle Hellen was invited to a conference at the House of Glory for a women’s meeting, hardly did Apostle Hellen know she would meet her Spiritual Father and mentor Apostle Martin Mwangi who carries governmental grace.




In 2018 Apostle Martin commissioned Apostle Hellen as an international Evangelist upon which in the month of March the same year she began holding monthly meetings with an annual conference until Covid19, whereupon meetings shifted to online platforms.



In August 2019 Apostle Hellen’s Mother went to be with the Lord and with a parcel of land her mother left her as an inheritance, the Lord laid in her heart to setup the first prayer mountain under Canopy of Glory Ministries.


Upon sharing the vision of building a prayer mountain with Apostle Martin Mwangi, He expounded the vision to her in even greater detail and clarity in what would become the global satellite of prayer mountains and so their journey began from that point.

In obedience to the call and referencing Habakukuk 2:2 Apostle Hellen laid out the vision to partners and the building of the mountain commenced immediately.



In August of 2021 Apostle Martin Mwangi ordained the servant of God Apostle Hellen into the office of Apostle and dedicated the new Prayer Mountain at Gaturi, Kenya.