man praying

Canopy of Glory Prayer Mountain

God spoke to Apostle about the Mountain even before leaving for USA more than 18 years, In November after Apostles Mum passed this happened in month of August God called her to raise a mountain and to come back to Jerusaleum (Kenya, specifically in parcel of land left to her by her Mother where Canopy of Glory prayer mountain is located).


When work started people gave generously we already have facilities for people to sleep and can accommodate 60 people in single and shared rooms for both women and men as well as couples rooms, a sanctuary with 24/7 prayers taking place.


Our mission is to train intercessors to govern the Nation(s) on their knees, equip people through prayer, teach people who they are and knowing who their God is through place of prayer , Canopy is called to birth destinies of people, called to to train people to know who they are and gain identity (Jeremiah 51;20 train people to become a battle axe in the hands of the Lord), raising wailing women in prayer.

Souls come to Jesus transformed radically, in every home pillars are raised to bring change and light, and in the community; example a young man called Waithaka came to Jesus after giving his life to Christ 9 family members came to Jesus.

Statement of Belief

We believe in the baptism through the fire of the Holy Spirit.
We are sent to take Love to the Nations in Canopy we don’t just preach love we give love and lives transformed though love.
Scriptures that Anchor Canopy of glory Ministries
Isaiah 4:5 Leviticus 6:13 Isaiah 58:18

Future Plans

  1. Campus – empowerment for women – training centre for women to be taught skills e.g. cookery, tailoring, beading,
    2. Technical school for young people – mechanics, carpentry etc.
    3. School starting from kindergarten, primary high school to campus.
    4. Kingdom bible college – Teach people to become kingdom minded.
    5. Maternity hospital
    6. Rehabilitation centre – drug addicts to be delivered and set free.
    7. Bottling water factory – from a Vision to Apostle with packed bottled with scriptures and sold to support the work at Canopy of glory ministries.
    8. School Foundation – sponsor kids to schools from poor backgrounds.