Canopy of Glory Ministries has accommodation facilities for 60 people and is ever expanding as we continue to build more rooms.
1. Hot Shower
2. Beddings with comfy mattresses
3. Landscaped Lawns
4. We provide a cup of tea in the Morning & Evening

PRICES ---Shown are Per Person
1. SHARED ROOMS...Kshs. 200 / =
2. DOUBLE BEDS......Kshs. 600/=
3. SINGLE ROOM......Kshs. 400/=
4. SELF CONTAINED.Kshs. 1,000/=

Shared Rooms

We host two rooms one for ladies and the other for men that accommodates 6 people each with bathroom and hot shower.

Single Rooms

Want seclusion as you seek the Lord, We have single rooms with hot shower facilities.

Couples Rooms

We have self contained couples rooms.