Youth Transformed

Boniface on the far left was an alcoholic got saved in December 2020 now flowing in the gifts of the spirit and has never missed the morning glory Pràyers..2nd from the right in red is Peter got saved in a morning glory prayer meeting too baptised with the spirit of God and serving God wholeheartedly. Boniface,Dennis,Peter & Samuel totally transformed and serving the Lord Faithfully.

1st Tent Meeting

First Canopy tent meeting held on November 2019 and 32 people surrendered their lives to Jesus..they are doing wonders for Jesus ..the power of transforming blood of Jesus.

1st Tent Meeting First-Fruits

In the 1st Tent Meeting Ngamini on the left above picture and other relatives and attended of themeeting gave their lives to Jesus. Mr.Ngamini over the two years is responsible for leading the building team behind Canopy of Glory Ministries.